Mobility Engineering and Management

What We Do

G2SF helps agencies improve operational effectiveness and efficiency by facilitating the transformation of the workforce to mobile computing. By leveraging market leading technology, G2SF designs, develops, implements, integrates, manages and improves enterprise mobile solutions that provide global access to critical information in a secure manner.

Key Services Include:

  • Mobility requirements and scope definition and documentation
  • Mobility policy, process, and procedure development, documentation, and management
  • Mobile application research, selection and implementation
  • Mobility network consulting, engineering and configuration
  • Mobility device (asset) lifecycle, carrier and expense management
  • Mobile security and cloud storage integration
  • Mobility service desk and user profile management (e.g. VIP)

Where We Do It – The Nuclear Regulatory Commission

  • 2011

    • Blackberry Environment
    • BYOD only
    • Native email, calendar and contacts
  • 2013

    • MDM changed
    • Secure containerization – email, calendar and contacts
  • 2016

    • New MDM – BYOD / GFE / Loaner devices
    • Access to NRC network files
    • SharePoint, Intranet, mobile app deployment
    • STIG and policy reviews
  • 2017

    • Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment program
    • MaaS360 Unified Enrollment Workflow
    • O365 Migration
  • 2018

    • O365 Cloud Extender
    • GFE Tech Refresh
  • 2019

    • One-time-password (OTP)
    • Android Enterprise for BYOD
    • NRC Branding
  • Coming Soon

    • Android Enterprise for GFE
    • Inspector data collection form integration
    • Travel go-kit drop off and collection points

Why Us

  • We have practical experience migrating an existing mobile solution or deploying from scratch an enterprise-wide Mobile Device Management (MDM), Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), or Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution
  • We have a proven track record and practical experience engineering and managing enterprise mobility solutions that support numerous devices, technologies, and user requirements within complex and geographically dispersed environments
  • We have demonstrated the ability to optimize existing mobile solutions while performing cost/benefit analysis on new innovations in mobile technology to justify additional investments
  • Our mobility solutions are 100% focused on meeting unique business requirements while conforming to mobility and IT service management best practices to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and security of the service
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