IT Service Management (ITSM)

What We Do

Using market leading tools, technologies, and best practices, we provide world-class enterprise IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions that meet complex service delivery requirements.

Key Services Include:

  • Baseline ITSM Maturity Assessments based on ISO/IEC 20000
  • ITSM Software Selection, Implementation, Integration and Management
  • Digital Workplace Portal Development and Service Catalog Design, Development and Automation
  • Asset Discovery and CMDB Design and Development
  • Asset Acquisition and Procurement Lifecycle Design and Development
  • Software License Management Solution Design and Development
  • Performance Metrics Identification, Reporting, and Dashboard Development
  • Data Center Consolidation, Cloud Migration, Management and Support
  • Organizational Change Management

Where We Do It

United States Marine Corps: G2SF is currently responsible for managing overall operations, sustainment, ongoing development and enhancement of the Marine Enterprise IT Service Management (E-ITSM) solution supporting more than 300,000 warfighters around the world. The global platform provides a single point of entry to request and obtain a variety of IT and other enterprise services delivered directly to the warfighter. The fully integrated system expedites the availability of services globally, and significantly increases operational efficiencies while reducing USMC costs. The centerpiece of the platform is the configuration management database that facilitates the management of more than 1.5 million asset relationships between various devices and the enterprise services that are dependent upon the devices.

Why Us

With a focus on the ITSM tool or technology when implementing an enterprise solution, many organizations do not realize the full benefits of a best practices approach to the management of services. Although knowledge of ITSM tools/technologies is recognized as a company strength, G2SF focuses on the integration of the people, the processes, the technology and the organizational structure necessary to ensure operational excellence. When transforming to a digital workplace, we help leaders effectively manage cultural and organizational change that becomes institutionalized as a best practice. We help identify the keys to long term success that can be measured and quantified from a business/mission perspective. We have decades of practical experience to ensure a rapid return on an organization’s ITSM investment.

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