About Us
Our History

G2SF INC. was incorporated in 2008 by ITIL pioneers that successfully introduced and implemented IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices within the Federal Government. Dating back to 2001, G2SF’s founder, Gregory C. Smith, supported one of the first Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) implementations within the Department of Defense (DoD) when his team of process engineers was asked by EDS (since acquired by HP) to implement ITIL best practices on the Command Communications Survivability Program (CCSP) at the Pentagon (PENREN) post 9/11. Since this highly visible and successful implementation of ITIL, ITSM is now recognized as a respected discipline, is a de facto standard within the IT industry, and a contract requirement on virtually all service related programs with the United States Government.

Our successful implementation of core ITIL processes on the CCSP contract led to rapid growth for Mr. Smith’s first service management company (ZeNETeX, LLC) that was started in 2000. In fact, during the period between 2001-2008 ZeNETeX realized double digit annual revenue growth from four primary lines of business: ITSM Consulting, ITSM Education, ITSM Enterprise Application Integration, and Technical Services that included network engineering, network operations, and network security.

In 2008, Mr. Smith and Sean Fromm (G2SF Founder and Co-Founder) left ZeNETeX to start G2SF. At G2SF, the Founders have been able to improve upon a successful business model that has provided significant value to numerous government agencies and organizations for more than a decade.

With a sharp focus on serving the Intelligence and Defense Communities, G2SF’s mission is to radically improve end-to-end development, delivery, management and consumption of IT services by successfully leveraging industry best practices, frameworks, tools, methodologies, and standards to meet mission goals and objectives.

Since G2SF’s inception, we have provided a wide variety of ITSM, Mobility, Security, and Engineering related services in support of numerous DoD/Federal Agencies including the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S Navy, Defense Information Systems Agency, National Security Agency, Pension Benefits Guarantee, U.S House of Representatives, and the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. We have also provided support to and/or teamed with a wide variety of system integrators including AT&T, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE Systems, HP, DXC, NTT (formally Dell Federal) and others.

Now with almost 20 years of practical experience implementing IT Service Management related best practices within the Federal Government, G2SF is committed to demonstrating measurable improvements in agency-wide operational efficiencies, a reduction in infrastructure costs, and an improvement in end user satisfaction. G2SF’s success is measured by the degree to which our clients realize these benefits.