White Papers

G2SF white papers are authoritative reports that help address and resolve an Information Technology Service Management issue. G2SF white papers range on a variety of topics that can lend insight into how to improve your IT Service Management position. Further, G2SF white papers can help you build a case for a process improvement initiative at your organization.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Are Your IT Service Management Processes Over-Engineered?

It is far more difficult to develop processes that are simple, well understood, and easily followed than to define processes that simply meet basic requirements.
IT Service Management Metrics

Historically, establishing information technology (IT) performance metrics has been a complex and difficult task sometimes requiring manual collection of data, software customization, detailed analysis, and lengthy reporting. Not only was it difficult to distill from the raw data meaningful information, but the data reported was not always current. As a result, the ability to make well informed decisions based on the current environment was challenging.
IT Service Management Practices – Discovery, Collaboration, and Comparison

As different organizations adopt and adapt IT Service Management to improve the IT services they deliver, the Kansas City Local Interest Group (KC LIG), a member of the itSMF USA organization, took the opportunity to examine the differences and similarities between Service Management in higher education and corporate America.
Establishing a Service Management Baseline

“To get where you want, you have to know where you are.” Without following that simple concept it is virtually impossible to measure progress. Too often IT organizations delay establishing an IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices baseline because they are always preparing for the baseline.
Program Requirements for the Successful Implementation of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library within the Intelligence Community

Key to most IT organization’s ongoing success is the leadership team’s ability to anticipate, plan for, and adapt to change. With ever changing business/mission requirements, customer/user expectations, new technologies, governmental regulations, economic and budgetary constraints, reorganizations, increasing competition, new business models (e.g. managed services and outsourcing), etc., never before have IT organizations had to deal with so much concurrent change so quickly.


Policy Driven Approach to Mobile Device Management in Government

The following describes the process by which policy outcomes are developed through a Mobile Device Management implementation effort as well as to describe the technology behind the solution for the readers understanding of a workable solution for implementing Mobile Technologies within commercial enterprises and Government Agencies’.
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Integrators face unique challenges when implementing enterprise mobility solutions, affected by a furiously dynamic pace found in few other IT service areas. In many cases, the effectiveness of response to customer needs is the differentiator between an integrator’s success and failure.