G2SF Solutions: ITSM Assessment


With more than a decade of hands-on Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) experience within the Federal Government, the G2SF team has acquired the practical knowledge and skills necessary to help transform IT organizations to a common operating model for service management excellence. The operating model is based on commercial best practices and globally-recognized standards and best practices that conform to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) framework and ISO/IEC 20000.

The First Step

One of the first steps in transforming an IT organization and implementing operational improvements is to objectively measure the relative maturity of all ITSM processes against well accepted standards of excellence such as ISO/IEC 20000. An objective measurement of ITSM performance will help to identify gaps between current operations and industry recognized best practices. Once the gaps have been identified, actionable plans can be developed and executed to ensure that initiatives representing the greatest opportunity for measurable improvements are implemented in priority order.


G2SF’s ITSM Assessment approach consists of:

  • Distributing an online survey to key stakeholders to measure the perceived maturity of existing ITIL® based processes
  • Conducting one-on-one follow-up interviews with key stakeholders, process owners and managers, as well as a representative sample of customers
  • Conducting group interviews with individuals responsible for administering and managing the ITSM-related tool suite
  • Observing ITSM related activities involving for example the service (help) desk, network operations, change management, and other processes or functions as appropriate
  • Reviewing ITSM related documentation


G2SF has created a secure web-based survey used to conduct the ISO/IEC 20000 ITSM audit. The survey represents the activities and standards associated with all ITIL® V3 processes and lifecycle phases. Answers to the questions provide a measure of the relative maturity of the processes on a 0-5 CMMI scale.












Key Findings and Recommendations

Based on information from the surveys, interviews, observations, and documentation reviews, G2SF then distills the raw data into meaningful informational views representing key findings and their associated consequences, recommendations, and associated benefits.

G2SF also provides an evaluation of each process taking into consideration the key activities, governance, process workflows, organizational support, and supporting tools and technologies.















The survey results and CMMI ratings are graphically illustrated in order to accurately depict the overall maturity of each process as compared to other processes.


















The results of the assessment are contained within a detailed and well organized management report that includes all assessment deliverables.













Depending on the goals of the assessment, the report may also include a preliminary ITSM master plan or road map that represents the recommended activities associated with a successful implementation of ITIL® as part of an organizational transformation or improvement initiative.


Each assessment is customized to the specific needs of our clients taking into consideration the size of the organization, the scope of their responsibility, the duration of the engagement, the available funding, and the overall goals for conducting the assessment. The goals for an assessment vary from organization to organization and may include the following examples:


  • Determine the relative ITSM maturity of the organization as compared to the IT industry
  • Obtain a baseline measure of the relative maturity of existing ITIL® processes
  • Identify and prioritize ITSM-related initiatives based on the degree to which the initiatives will provide the greatest benefit/value in the shortest period of time
  • Develop an overall ITSM master plan for the successful implementation of ITIL
  • Compare measures of process maturity before and after implementing process improvements
  • Identify activities necessary in order to obtain an ISO/IEC 20000 certification


Using the results of the assessment and existing process workflows and templates, G2SF has significant experience successfully implementing the recommendations and further developing an implementation plan that quickly meets the organization’s short and long term goals. In developing a Service Management implementation plan, G2SF works collaboratively with our clients to examine the skills and experience of the organization as well as their resource availability to support the implementation.

















Taking into consideration the organization’s commitment to implementing ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 processes and standards, G2SF can also design and deliver an organizational education plan that will help clients determine who should receive ITIL® training, what type of training should be provided, and how the training should be delivered (classroom, workshops, e-learning, one-on-one, etc). G2SF has certified instructors that have significant training and real-world consulting experience that can be applied in the delivery of the education plan.


For more information pertaining to G2SF’s ITSM Assessments or any other ITSM related service, please contact G2SF at 703-397-5161 or by email at bd@g2sf.com.