G2SF ITIL® Simulation

This session focuses on demonstrating Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) based best practices through a “Real Life” simulation.


  • This 1/2 day session consists of 10 percent discussion and 90 percent hands-on activities and experiential learning
  • This session focuses on experiencing  the consequences and benefits of implementing ITIL based best practices in support of a business or mission
  • This course can be combined with any ITIL ® program or offered as a standalone


  • Anyone wanting to experience the practical application of ITIL and IT Service Management best practices in a simulated environment
  • Members of the same organization that could benefit  from working together to achieve common goals using ITIL as a service management framework


  • No prerequisites are required to participate in this session


  • Grasp the ITIL® Best Practices Concept
    • What are the critical components of Best Practices?
    • What are the necessary process interactions and key enablers
    • How ITIL® concepts relate to real life scenarios
    • What are the fundamental relationships between ITIL® Service Delivery and Service Support processes
  • Understand the parallel between ITSM and Real Life Best Practices
    • Provides information that be used to assess how ITIL® Best Practices can contribute to their organization
  • Promote people and group interaction
    • Offers participants an opportunity to work in teams defining and simulating real-life “Best Practice” processes (input/output, activities, etc.)
    • Offers participants an equal opportunity to learn and interact (team learning and team building) in defining process content and integration
  • Provides participants with valuable information that can be applied to their environments
    • Defining individual process goals, objectives and activities
    • Understand the necessary process inputs, outputs and integration points
    • Establish the necessary process measurements